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Passenger Conduct Guidelines

The Mendocino Transit Authority is dedicated to maintaining a pleasant environment for all of our passengers. To assure the safety and comfort of all our passengers, we ask that all riders abide by the following passenger conduct guidelines.

Passengers Shall:

  1. Not evade payment of correct fare.
  2. Not misuse any transfer, pass, ticket, or token with the intent to evade the payment of any fare.
  3. Not play sound equipment on, or in, any MTA facility or vehicle unless headphones are used and the volume does not disturb other passengers or the driver.
  4. Not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages.
  5. Not eat food or drink non-alcoholic beverages in open containers on trips less than one hour in duration.
  6. Not willfully disturb others by engaging in boisterous or unruly behavior.
  7. Not carry any potential harmful concentration or quantities of any hazardous material including flammable liquid.
  8. Not block the free movement of another person in any MTA facility or vehicle.
  9. Not physically or verbally assault or intimidate the driver or passengers.
  10. Not steal property or panhandle from the driver or passengers.
  11. Not carry weapons of any type onto MTA vehicles.
  12. Not offend other passengers through unacceptable personal hygiene. For the health and safety of the driver and passengers, expelling bodily excrements, either voluntarily or involuntarily, is prohibited.

The Mendocino Transit Authority transports passengers in accordance with the passenger conduct guidelines to ensure that: 1) MTA complies with all pertinent State and Federal regulations governing general public transportation; and, 2) general public riders and MTA employees experience safe, comfortable, and reliable service. It is MTA’s intent to require all passengers to abide by these passenger conduct guidelines. In all cases, our drivers maintain full discretion in the application and enforcement of these guidelines.

Enforcement of these passenger conduct guidelines may include, but is not limited to:

  • Requesting passengers to follow all applicable guidelines
  • Removing a passenger from the vehicle
  • Temporarily suspending a passenger’s privileges*
  • Revoking a passenger’s privileges indefinitely*

*Offenders will be notified by letter if possible, detailing the offense and the action(s) taken.