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Short Range Transit Development Plan (SRTDP) – Addendum #2 RESPONSES TO PROPOSAL QUESTIONS

Addendum #2 Response to Questions

Addendum #1 – MTA TDP Update
A Short Range Transit Development Plan (SRTDP) will be developed to guide MTA’s operations
over the next five years. The project will include extensive community outreach, passenger and
stakeholder surveys, and community workshops to inform development of the Plan’s
components (performance standards, transit demand analysis, transit alternatives, financial
evaluation, operating plan, etc.).

The region’s populations of aging, disabled, and economically disadvantaged residents
emphasize the importance of the TDP. Given the evolving needs of transit users within the
cities and county of the region, periodic updates are necessary in order to maximize mobility
options for the noted populations. One need in particular calls for non-traditional (flexible
and/or on-demand) service), particularly for transit dependent users unable to access existing
MTA facilities due to physical or scheduling related barriers.
The objective of this RFP is to select a qualified consultant to
enter into an agreement to perform the work described in the request for proposal.

Final SRTDP RFP 2022