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How Much Money Can Riding the MTA Bus Save You?

With gas prices above $3 per gallon, more people can save money by riding the MTA bus.  Regular commuters  especially can see big cost savings on not only gas, but wear and tear on tires and car maintenance. Even for one trip, for instance coast to Ukiah or to Santa Rosa and back, you can probably save money by taking the bus.

How much you can save?  Click on this link to a blank calculator and fill in the blanks.  When you get to the cost of bus fare for your trip, click on this bus fare link and use the MTA bus fare calculator at the top of the page. It’s super easy. Click the down arrow in the start box to find the town you’ll be starting from, then use the down arrow in the end box to find your destination. Then click the calculate button and you’ll get your fare.

This sample calculation shows our savings on a Willits to Ukiah work commute.

The example here shows we saved $830 per year on our work commute from Willits to Ukiah driving our Ford Escape Hybrid that gets 29 miles/per gallon.

You might be able to save even more, especially if you are over age 62 or have a disability (those folks are half-price).  Also, we offer punch passes and monthly passes that help you save more.

If you want help finding your bus fare, call us at MTA and we’ll help:  (800) 696-4682.

MTA buses are clean, safe, reliable and convenient.  We provide public transportation throughout Mendocino County with regular trips to Santa Rosa where you can connect to buses and the SMART train headed south. Visit our website at:

Happy savings!