Reduced Service Bus Schedules - 3/19/2020
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Get Real-Time Bus Info with Route Shout

Route Shout 2.0 Puts Real-Time Bus Information on Your Cellphone

Download Route Shout 2.0 here:

Ukiah Mayor Mo Mulheren watched the MTA bus driven by Jim Criss arrive just when her RouteShout app said it would.   Photo credit:  Suzanne Pletcher


Mendocino Transit Authority (MTA) has debuted a new technology to enhance customers’ experience, a real-time bus app that shows you where your bus is and when it will arrive at your stop.  Called Route Shout 2.0, the application can be downloaded for free to a mobile phone and used to find the nearest MTA bus stop, bus routes and schedules, and real-time bus arrival times. MTA expects the improved convenience to attract new riders to its Mendocino County bus service and enhance the experience for regular customers.

“Two-thirds of our customers use mobile phones to check bus routes and schedules, and that number continues to grow,” said Carla Meyer, general manager of MTA.  “Now anyone can get real-time information. They can literally watch onscreen as the bus moves toward their stop and see a to-the-minute arrival time.”

The new app can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play. Once downloaded, users can select Mendocino Transit Authority in the vendor list and get going. To find the nearest bus stop, users can enable the Locate Me button. To learn when the next bus will arrive at their stop, they can select Where’s My Bus?  The new app is able to show more bus stops online than the main ones listed on the printed bus schedules. In addition, riders can save favorite routes and stops for quick reference.

“This is giant step forward in MTA’s transit technology, and it brings us a lot closer to our customers,” said Meyer. “Route Shout helps our riders check quickly, even if it’s just timing the dash out the door to catch the bus.”

Bringing Route Shout technology to Mendocino County has been a year-long process, beginning with an upgrade in the company’s digital service provider and installation of GPS technology and tablets on buses.

Jacob King, MTA’s operations manager who managed installation of the new technology, said, “Like any new software installation, tailoring Route Shout to customer needs here in Mendocino County was a process.  And because of the terrain and remoteness of some areas of Mendocino County, we’ve had to concede that Route Shout isn’t always going to work perfectly on our south coast routes, in Anderson Valley, and on the Route #65 Route from Fort Bragg to Willits. We welcome feedback while it’s still new.”

Route Shout is a product of RouteMatch, an Atlanta-based provider of transit technologies to more than 600 transit agencies across the U.S. and world.

To download Route Shout, follow the easy steps pictured below: