Reduced Service Bus Schedules - 3/19/2020
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Mendocino Transit Authority

Consider the MTA Bus for Safe School Transportation

Inge Schaefer waits at a bus shelter custom made of old growth redwood with students Salvio and Sylvana, a brother and sister who attend the Waldorf School of Mendocino County.  They all are waiting for the Mendocino Transit Authority bus heading to Willits to arrive, pick up the children, and take them home. Inge acts as chaperone to ensure the children’s safety.


Brother and sister Salvio and Sylvana wait at their school’s redwood bus stop for the MTA bus that takes them home.

“We really appreciate that MTA stops here,” Schaefer said.  “It gives students an opportunity to practice a life skill—using public transportation—and be independent.”


Sylvana said matter-of-factly that she likes the bus “because it’s clean, quiet and a convenient way to get home.”


A moment later, the bus arrives and Inge ushers the children aboard. They sit near the driver so he can keep an eye on them and make sure they feel comfortable. The bus departs and Inge turns and climbs the steps back up a little hill to the school.


Similar scenarios take place mornings and afternoons at many other schools in Mendocino County.


“MTA schedules some of our coast and Ukiah bus routes to coincide with college, high school and grade school schedules,” said Carla Meyer, general manager of MTA.  “As a result, MTA takes a LOT of children to school and back home on a daily basis. It’s a godsend to working parents, and it reduces unhealthy air pollution emitted at our schools by cars and trucks idling in line to drop off students.”


MTA offers discounted fares to students through punch passes and monthly passes.


Check the blue box  to see if MTA stops at your child’s school.  Then learn about bus fares at and bus schedules at  Or call MTA to learn more at (800) 696-4MTA (4682).