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Mendocino Transit Authority

Ride the Bus for Dump the Pump Day, Win a Free Ride

Every New Rider through July 5 Wins a Free MTA Bus Pass, and One will Win A 16-Ride Punch Pass


Mendocino Transit Authority (MTA) will offer a free bus pass to people who hop aboard the MTA bus for the first time and try public bus transit as part of National Dump the Pump Day: Ride Public Transit, on June 21.  All entrants will receive a free bus pass and one entrant will win a grand prize 16-punch bus pass.

“It’s last but not least on this list of seven good reasons to ride the MTA bus—not just on Dump the Pump Day but whenever you can,” said Carla Meyer, MTA’s general manager.  “We want to encourage new customers to hop aboard the bus because we believe that, once they do, they will ride more often.  It’s a good experience, and it’s there for everyone to use.”

Here are seven good reasons to “dump the pump” and ride the bus to get around Mendocino County on June 21 and whenever you can.


1. Save Money. You can shop Mendocino County gas stations for the lowest price per gallon of gas, but at $3.45/gallon minimum, let’s face it, a fill-up is expensive.  On Dump the Pump Day, reduce your gasoline cost by following these great tips for maximizing the mileage you get from the energy you buy.  Or, maybe you can telecommute.  Best yet, try riding the MTA bus as often as possible to save as much money as possible.


2.  Reduce Use of Fossil Fuel. If every American used public transportation once every 10 days, then the U.S. would see a 40% reduction in reliance on imported and domestic oil. The reductions really add up:  In the last several years, according to research by the American Public Transit Association, enough people have taken public transit to save 450 million gallons of gas per year in the U.S.  This is about the amount of energy needed to power one-quarter of American homes annually.


3. Boost Safety for You and Your Family. Studies continue to show that public transit is safer than driving an automobile. According to National Safety Council data, riding the bus is 170 times safer than riding in a car.  As an added bonus, public transportation can reduce the number of cars on the road, meaning less traffic and fewer chances for accidents.


4. Boost Your Health. People who use the bus as their main mode of transportation tend to be in better physical shape than those using their cars. By getting outside and walking or biking to the closest bus stop, transit users are getting more exercise and fighting obesity. Riding on the bus is also much less stressful than driving. Stress and frustration from driving have been linked to high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and overall decreased immune function which can lead to more colds and general illness.


5. Community. Public transportation is an important factor in economic development. For instance, MTA’s local city buses take people who don’t drive to shops downtown and to grocery stores. MTA also levels the playing field for low income folks, students, or anyone who does not drive.  Bus transit allows people to more easily find employment, get to work and, in some cases, go from being welfare recipients to wage earners. For everyone, riding the MTA bus is a great way to meet people in your community and make new friends.


6. Environment. The federal Energy Information Administration announced in 2017 that transportation in the U.S. for the first time produced more emissions than power plants. Buses—especially MTA’s clean diesel buses—need only carry 3-8 people to break even with a car on carbon emissions. And with electric buses coming down the pike, bus emissions will fall further.


7. GET A FREE BUS PASS. Try riding the MTA bus and get your next ride with a value up to $3 for free. Here’s how: Post a comment and selfie picture of you on the bus on MTA’s Facebook page  under one of MTA’s Dump the Pump Facebook posts.  You’ll have to pay for your first ride, but once you’ve posted then we’ll get in touch with you and send a free pass for your next trip.  Post until July 5. Every entry will be entered into a drawing for one winner of a 16-punch MTA bus pass good for up to 16 free trips. Every pass and the punch pass can be given to someone else as a gift if you like.  We’ll announce winners on Facebook, so follow MTA on Facebook. Click here if you want help posting a picture with your comment on MTA’s Facebook site.


Mendocino Transit Authority provides safe, reliable, environmentally responsible and convenient public bus service throughout Mendocino County. Check routes, schedules and service updates online at our MTA website, mendocinotransit.org. Or call (707) 462-1422 or (800) 696-4682.

For more facts and information about Dump the Pump Day organized by the American Public Transportation Association, visit APTA.com. Sources for some tips and reasons to ride the MTA bus come from All Points Transit, APTA research reports, and MoneyCrashers.com