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Mendocino Transit Authority

Check Out MTA’s Pumpkinfest Arcade & Trolley

Mendocino Transit Authority employees outdid themselves at Pumpkinfest this year with an uber-popular booth and parade trolley outfitted as a carnival barker. Check the pictures below to see if we snapped a photo of you or someone in your family playing games at our booth.


“MTA has participated in Pumpkinfest for many years and we’re proud to give back to the community in this way,” said organizer Kathy Holt, our long-time dispatcher. See her and the MTA booth at the opening of Pumpkinfest.


Eduardo Marquez celebrates a big win at the MTA arcade.

Wade Pope steps right up to the arcade game to boost his accuracy.

Pumpkinfest is Ukiah’s largest street fair with a parade, games, rides, booths and contests in the Halloween spirit.  In 2018, Pumpkinfest attracted thousands of attendees—mostly parents and grandparents with children—over the Oct. 13-14 weekend.


Since the 2018 theme was “Ukiah Goes to the Arcade,” Holt developed a vintage arcade booth with tossing games that drew waiting lines of children and their parents to the MTA booth.  Children could play any or all of four games and received a ticket for each game played.  The tickets were then exchanged by the children for prizes.


Alondra Flores tries her hand at the ring toss with great results.

The MTA booth was swamped all day both Saturday and Sunday with kids eager to test their skills at the tossing games. Our MTA staffers helped them play and cheered them on over two days, exhibiting amazing stamina and unfailing friendliness.  At the “front desk” of the arcade booth, we and gave away vouchers for free bus rides, answered questions about routes and schedules, and gave away candy. We loved meeting many of our customers!


Kathy also masterminded decorations for the MTA trolley that transformed it into a carnival barker.  With help from the MTA maintenance crew, the trolley was outfitted with eyes, a “shirt” and a hat.  MTA driver Wendi Frick drove the trolley and we filled it with children outfitted with carnival barker T-shirts and hats.


It takes a team to put something together as big as Pumpkinfest’s parade trolley and arcade booth. Holt had help from Operations Supervisor Dawn White; Sara Marquez from our front office; Bob Butler, Gwyn Sturges, and others from maintenance; drivers John Martin, Wendi Frick and Jim Criss; and Suzanne Pletcher from MTA communications.