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Mendocino Transit Authority

Get Real-Time Bus Info with Route Shout

Mendocino Transit Authority released on April 15 a GPS-enabled mobile technology that gives anyone with a mobile phone quick access to real-time bus locations and schedules.

Called Route Shout 2.0, the free application can be downloaded to a mobile phone and used to find the nearest bus stop, bus routes, and real-time bus arrival times.

MTA is doing a soft roll-out of Route Shout and would like to hear how it is working for you before we begin mainstream promotion.  Mention your experience in a comment or via instant messenger on our Facebook page: RideMTA

“This is big step forward in MTA’s transit technology, and it has the potential to bring us a lot closer to our customers,” said MTA General Manager Carla Meyer. “Route Shout helps our riders check quickly, even if it’s just timing the dash out the door to catch the bus.”

Follow these easy steps to download the Route Shout app and start using it.  Then drop us a note about how it worked for you!