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Mendocino Transit Authority

Mendocino Farmworkers Transportation Program

Mendocino Farmworkers Transportation Program

Introducing a new vanpool program for agricultural workers

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MTA is pleased to offer a NEW and exciting transportation program for workers of the agricultural industry. The Mendocino Farmworkers Transportation Program provides agricultural workers access to a safe, convenient and affordable form of transportation.

Agricultural workers can travel to work in brand new 15-passenger vans for a low and reasonable daily fare. Vans are assigned to a volunteer driver whom in exchange for driving and managing the vanpool, rides to work for FREE! MTAcovers vehicle insurance,fuel, regular maintenance and necessary repairs, and provide routine vehicle maintenance and repairs.

Program Benefits at a Glance

Benefits to Employers:

  • Increased employee reliability. Your workers will have fewer obstacles to get to work regularly. MTA provides fuel and regular maintenance for vehicles.
  • Decreased liability. Have you considered what the occurrence of an on-site accident involving employee vehicles would cost you? MTA assumes these risks through an insurance policy that exceeds minimum legal requirements.
  • Convenient and flexible transportation option. Sometimes agricultural worksites change. MTA’s vanpool vehicles can travel to any agricultural-related worksite within Mendocino County and, even into neighboring counties with prior approval.
  • Help keep our roadways safe. Driving without insurance or a license, or in poorly maintained vehicles poses legal and safety hazards Help provide everyone a better alternative to get to work by encouraging your employees to ride to work in MTA’s vans.
  • Promote GREEN practices. Vanpooling to work reduces the number of cars on the road. We all benefit as a result with improved air quality and reduced carbon emissions.

BENEFIT even more by covering a portion of your employees’ transportation costs.

Take advantage of a Federal tax incentive that allows employers to cover a portion of their employees’ transportation costs in exchange for a tax break. Employees can receive up to $230 per month, TAX-FREE in employer-paid transportation benefits. Simply write off any contributions you make towards your employees’ public transportation-related commuting costs. It’s a win-win for both you and your employees- THEY save money on transportation costs and worry less about covering these regularly and YOU earn a tax break, gain improved business productivity and become a more attractive employer.

Encourage your employees to ride to work with MTA!

Visit www.publictransportation.org/pdf/reports/pays_to_ride.pdf to download an informational brochure published by the American Public Transportation Association about this Federal tax incentive.

Benefits for Workers:


  • An affordable and worry-free transportation option. Pay low daily fares and never worry again about fluctuating gas prices. Qualify as an approved volunteer driver and your rides to work are ABSOLUTELY FREE.
  • Travel safely. MTA’s vans are equipped with safety features and state-of-the-art AVL/GPS systems to facilitate assistance in the event of a mechanical break-down or emergency.
  • Know you’re covered. Each van is insured according to legal requirements.
  • Retain your job. People who vanpool to work miss fewer work days and show up to work on-time more consistently. Increase your value as an employee by taking advantage of this reliable form of transportation.
  • Extend the life of your personal vehicle and save money on insurance costs. Avoid wear-and-tear on your own vehicle that can lead to costly repairs by keeping it at home. Also, report fewer miles travelled to your auto insurer and save money on your policy.
  • Travel to work stress-free. As a passenger, you’ll enjoy a stress-free ride to work in the company of friends.

agricultural workers vanpool

Hundreds of agricultural workers vanpool to work every day through similar programs in Kings, Fresno and Salinas counties.

Contact our program coordinator TODAY!

Carla Meyer
General Manager

Telephone: (707) 234-6446

E-mail: carla@mendocinotransit.org

Download a Mendocino Farmworkers Transportation Program brochure

This program is funded by a grant from the California Department of Transportation’s Agricultural Transportation Services Program.